50 Ways to Use Your Emergency Blanket from Survive Outdoors Longer

50 Ways to Use Your Emergency Blanket from Survive Outdoors Longer

There’s a lot of great things about Emergency Blankets. They’re 90% heat reflective, so they can help you stay cozy warm at sporting events, keep you from becoming an icicle if your vehicle breaks down this winter, or provide life-saving warmth if you spend an unexpected night in the backcountry. They’re also waterproof, windproof, and an awe-inspiring bright orange (perfect for getting people’s attention).
A great thing you might not know about Emergency Blankets? They’re incredibly versatile, and not just as a survival tool. To prove our point, we’ve compiled a list of 50 ways you can use your Survive Outdoors Longer Emergency Blanket.

50 Ways to Use an Emergency Blanket

1. Ground Tarp. Lay the blanket out as a tent footprint or picnic blanket for protection from the ground.
2. Boost Fire Heat. Create a reflective barrier for your fire to keep your campsite extra cozy. Use the blanket to make a wall on the opposite side of the fire from where you’re sleeping. Make sure the shiny silver side is positioned to reflect the heat from the fire back towards you, and remember not to put the blanket too close (it will melt).
3. Trail Markers. Hansel and Gretel had their breadcrumbs – you have the Emergency Blanket. Cut the blanket into strips and tie to tree branches to mark your path. We recommend not getting lost – but if you do, this could help.

Emergency Blanket as trail marker on tree
4. Emergency Bivvy. Forgot your emergency bivvy or sleeping bag? No problem! A little duct tape properly applied turns the Emergency Blanket into a bivvy you can slip into for heat-reflective warmth all night long.
5. Rain Poncho. Sudden rain showers can ruin your outdoor adventure if you’re unprepared. Next time you forget your rain jacket, just cut a head hole into your Emergency Blanket, apply a little duct tape, and you’ve got heat-reflective poncho ready to go.
6. Table Cloth. Cover up dirty picnic tables or add a splash of orange décor by using the Emergency Blanket as an orange table cloth – it cleans up easily too! It really brightens the whole room, don’t you think?

Emergency Blanket as tablecloth
7. Food Cover. Can’t keep the flies off your picnic food? Gently lay the Emergency Blanket over the top of those yummy snacks to keep them bug-free until you can sit down and feast.
8. Signaling. If you’re lost, hopefully you packed your Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, but if you forgot it, your Emergency Blanket is the next-best substitute. Use the silver reflective side of the material to reflect sunlight to get rescuers’ attention.
9. Pillow. We’re not saying it’ll be the most comfortable night’s sleep, but in a pinch you can DIY a backcountry pillow by stuffing your Emergency Blanket into a stuff sack or other small bag.
10. First Aid. The possibilities here are endless – improvise an arm sling, pad a C-splint, treat shock, and more – the only limit is your improvisational skills!
11. Fishing Bait. Cut into small, shiny strips, the Emergency Blanket becomes a lure to help you get that backcountry dinner you’ve been dreaming of.
12. Sunning Mirror. Get the tan you’ve always wanted. Lay outdoors on a sunny day with the silver reflective side facing up for maximum effect.
13. Safety Orange. During hunting season, being visible is key. Drape the Emergency Blanket around your person for a bright orange no one will miss (or mistake for anything natural).
14. Socks. Yep – the Emergency Blanket can help you keep your toes from freezing off. Cut the blanket down into 2 smaller squares and wrap around your feet. You can secure in place with duct tape for added stability.

Emergency Blanket as socks
15. Plant Insulation. Protect your garden from late (or early) frosts. Cover your plants with the blanket so the reflective silver side is facing your plants. Secure in place so the wind doesn’t carry it off.
16. Greenhouse. Speaking of plants, the heat-reflective properties of the Emergency Blanket could be awesome for a DIY greenhouse. We haven’t actually tested this idea yet, but if it works we have some gardeners who’d love to know.
17. Waterproofing. Make waterproof protection for anything – the Emergency Blanket material is 100% waterproof, so just wrap it around whatever needs protecting and seal off with waterproof tape.
18. Rain Fly. Once water gets inside your tent, there’s no turning back. The Emergency Blanket can double as an ultralight or backup rain fly to keep your sleeping zone dry.
19. Superman Cape. Tie around your shoulders to show yourself as the true hero you are. Alternatively, you could let your kid wear it and have a great day running around as the Man of Steel.

Emergency Blanket as cape
20. Office Warmth. Just because work keeps the temperature way too low doesn’t mean you have to freeze your butt off. Whip out the Emergency Blanket and make all your coworkers jealous with your happy sighs of warm contentment.
21. Kite. Instead of spending $20 on a standard kite, teach your kids how to make their own kite using some duct tape, sticks, and an Emergency Blanket.
22. Sun Shield. Trying to stay cool and not get roasted on a hot day? Simply turn the Emergency Blanket so the orange side faces you and the silver reflective side acts as a shield, turning all those sun rays away from you.
23. Seat Cover. Sometimes you just have to put something really dirty in your car – but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin your seats. Lay the Emergency Blanket over the seats and place that muddy object right on top of it.
24. Toga. When in Rome, make sure you look like part of the crowd. Caesar himself would be jealous of a toga that eye-catching.

Emergency Blanket as toga

25. Gaiters. In a pinch, cut the Emergency Blanket into 2 rectangles, wrap around the top of your boots, and secure with duct tape for waterproof shoe gaiters.
26. Backcountry Umbrella. Picture this trend-setter: Next rainstorm, you gallantly offer your umbrella to a stranger. They grasp the birch wood handle and take shelter under the Emergency Blanket screen, carefully handcrafted by yourself.
27. Christmas Tree Tinsel. Cut into tiny pieces and hang liberally all over your tree for a truly jaw-dropping effect.
28. Storage Bag. Lay out the blanket, place what you need to carry in the center, grab the four corners, and head on your way with a knapsack that will be sure to stand out.
29. Rope. Improvise rope by cutting the Emergency Blanket into long, thin strips and braiding them together for extra strength. You can then use to tie your knapsack closed! We put the Emergency Blanket rope to the test – it had no trouble with the Marine 600 medical kit!

Emergency Blanket as rope on med kit
30. Halloween Costume. Need a last minute costume? The bright orange can help you turn yourself into anything from a Reese’s peanut butter cup to a pumpkin. Plus, the heat reflectivity will keep you cozy as you walk from house to house collecting candy.
31. Butt Padding for Biking. Hey, bike shorts aren’t stylish but they offer much-needed protection. In the absence of pre-padded shorts, you can always stuff an Emergency Blanket down your shorts and get that added protection.
32. Food Insulation. Turn your cooler into a warmer to help your scrumptious meal stay hot longer. Simply line the inside of your cooler with the Emergency Blanket, making sure the silver reflective side faces the food. Place food inside and close – reopen when you’re ready to eat!
33. Paper. Okay so the Emergency Blanket isn’t paper, BUT if you have a sharpie and don’t have any paper, you can write on the blanket, so go ahead and leave yourself a reminder.
34. Privacy Curtain. Need a moment alone? Hang the Emergency Blanket from two trees, a curtain rod, or your buddy’s hands to get some much-needed privacy.
35. Belt. All that time hiking has shrunk your waistline, but the Emergency Blanket has your back (or your pants, actually). Cut off a belt-sized strip and pull through your belt loops. You can braid multiple strips together for an extra-durable belt.
36. Cooking Apron. As the cook, you can 100% take advantage of the Emergency Blanket’s versatility by turning it into an apron to keep food splatter off you and your clothes. Just don’t get too close to any fires.
37. Window Covers. Tape the Emergency Blanket over windows to keep the cold outside where it belongs.
38. Sled. If trash bags can be sleds, the Emergency Blanket can, too! Plus, the blanket has the added benefit of being heat reflective to keep you warm as you slide down the hill.
39. Protection from the Extra Terrestrial. Don’t let aliens take over your mind. We think this picture says it all.

Emergency Blanket alien hat
40. Art Studio. When you don’t have newspaper, lay the Emergency Blanket down over your carpet or table to so your kids can play the artist without re-decorating your home as well.
41. Pack Liner. Up your pack’s water protection or help keep the inside clean by using the Emergency Blanket as a liner.
42. Bathing Suit. We don’t want to go into too much detail on this one… we’re just saying you could get creative here if skinny dipping isn’t an option.
43. Skirt. Introducing the latest fashion trend – simply wrap the blanket around your waist and either tie it off or create a waistband out of duct tape. Voilà!
44. Pet Blanket. Don’t let Pongo freeze his paws off. The Emergency Blanket doesn’t just keep you warm – it can help keep your pet warm if the outdoors gets a little too chilly for him.
45. Windshield Cover. The weather predicting snow? Lay the Emergency Blanket over your car windshield to make the post-storm clean up that much easier.

Emergency Blanket as windshield cover
46. Improvised Flotation Device. This one will take some careful taping. Essentially, you’re making a balloon out of the Emergency Blanket and waterproof tape. The trick is to make sure you’ve made it air tight – make sure you have a lot of tape!
47. Water Collector. If you’re in a survival situation, water is one of your top priorities. Use the Emergency Blanket as a reservoir to collect rain water.
48. Kiddie Pool Cover. Keep bugs, leaves, and pollen out while trapping heat in your child’s mini pool – just lay the blanket over the top and secure in place.
49. Lean-to. A heat-reflective blanket takes your lean-to shelter to the next level, helping you stay cozy warm all night long.
50. Blanket. Along with all the above uses, the Emergency Blanket also works great as (you guessed it!) a blanket. Keep in your hiking pack, car, or go-bag for protection from the elements whenever you need it.

Person using Emergency Blanket
There you have it – 50 uses for the SOL Emergency Blanket. Think we missed any?