Ultralight/Watertight First Aid Medical Kits

Designed for the Fearless Adventurer and Boasting Advanced 2-stage Waterproofing

The Ultralight/Watertight Series Medical Kits ensure your medical supplies stay protected and ready, no matter what nature throws at you. Ideal for hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and more, each kit is curated with hospital-quality supplies in lightweight, durable bags. These first aid medical kits stay dry, light in rain, snow, or on the water. Our kits don't only brave the elements, but they conquer them, offering you a sense of security wherever your journey takes you.

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Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit - .9 kit attached to hiker while raining

What you get with each Ultralight/Watertight Medical Kit

See what makes the Ultralight/Watertight series a dependable choice for adventurers who seek solid medical kits that are portable, durable, and versatile in any environment.

  • Each kit is stocked with premium medical supplies, mirroring hospital standards. The kits offer a comprehensive range of supplies, from bandages to advanced trauma care essentials.
  • Crafted for minimal weight impact, they are perfect for on-the-go adventurers, without compromising on the range of medical supplies.
  • Advanced 2-stage waterproofing keeps contents dry in rain, snow, and aquatic environments.
    This reliable protection of medical supplies ensures usability in any outdoor setting.

FAQs about Ultraweight/Watertight Kits

Our kits feature advanced 2-stage waterproofing and hospital-quality medical supplies, tailored for lightweight, durable outdoor use.

Absolutely. They're designed to keep contents dry and protected in rain, snow, and on water. So that you can use them in various outdoor environments.

Select based on your group size, trip duration, and activity type. For solo day trips, the .3 kit is ideal, while the Pro kit suits larger groups and longer expeditions.

Yes, the larger kits like the .9 and Pro are perfect for family camping, offering a range of supplies for common outdoor injuries.

Regularly check expiration dates of supplies and replace used items. Keep the kit sealed and stored in a cool, dry place.

Familiarize yourself with treating minor wounds, managing sprains and fractures, recognizing signs of hypothermia, and performing CPR.

Yes, they're specifically designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to include in your backpack without significant weight addition.

Each kit comes with a guide on handling common outdoor injuries, ensuring you can confidently administer first aid when needed.

While they come pre-stocked, there's room to add personal medications or additional supplies based on your specific needs.

Besides carrying an Ultralight/Watertight kit, inform someone about your travel plans, carry a means of communication, and be aware of the nearest medical facilities.