Recognizing the need for first aid kits designed for those traveling far from medical care, Adventure Medical Kits revolutionized the first aid industry when it was founded in 1989. Our love of the outdoors is matched only by our drive to create products that allow outdoor enthusiasts to stay healthy, whatever their activity.

Today, we offer curated Medical Kits for every type of adventure. Our kits were designed with organization and fast first aid in mind, which is especially important in the outdoors and in the dark. Instead of digging through a disorganized pile of supplies, every item in our kits has its place. Many of these kits have a unique design that folds out with separate locations for each type of injury as well as reflective elements and a kit map on the back. From backyard adventures to month-long expeditions, we have kits for everyone, even canine companions, whether hiking, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, traveling, or playing in the yard.