What’s the Difference between Space® Blankets & Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Blankets?

What’s the Difference between Space® Blankets & Survive Outdoors Longer® Emergency Blankets?

When a company is the first to bring a new product concept to market, the brand name can become so well known that it becomes synonymous with the product itself. Xerox® did it when it invented the copier, Kleenex® did it with tissues, and Band-Aid® is known the most for bandages. In the outdoor industry, some might consider the “Space® Blanket” brand to have managed this same feat for heat reflective or emergency blankets.

While Space® may be the name people use to refer to heat reflective blankets and bivvies, there are actually remarkable differences between Space® brand blankets and Survive Outdoors Longer®‘s line of heat reflective emergency blankets and bivvies. The only real similarities between these two brands are that both reflect your radiated body heat back to you to help keep you warm. However, even the amount of heat reflected back to you varies between the two brands’ emergency blankets.

It’s All in the Material

Survive Outdoors Longer emergency blankets and bivvies are all made with metalized polyethylene that reflects 90% of radiated heat back to you. Space® brand blankets are made with metalized polyester, which is only capable of reflecting 80% of radiated heat.
Survive Outdoors Longer’s emergency blanket reflects 90% of radiated heat back to you.
  • In addition to being more heat reflective, the Survive Outdoors Longer line of bivvies and blankets have other important differences when compared to Space® brand blankets and bags. Survive Outdoors Longer blankets and bivvies are:
  • 30%-50% thicker and more durable.blanket showing color coded orange and silver sides
  • Puncture resistant and won’t shred apart if nicked, unlike what happens to metalized polyester blankets. This means Survive Outdoors Longer blankets hold up better in wind and tears don’t have to turn into disasters.
  • Color coded (orange on the outside, silver on heat reflective inside) to ensure high thermal return. Without the color coding, you run a 50% risk of wrapping yourself with the heat reflective side facing out, which results in a 34% loss of design performance.
  • Softer and quieter. Space® blankets rattle and crinkle loudly and can be an extra annoyance or source of stress in a survival situation.
  • Easy to open, even with gloves on. The Emergency Blanket is center-folded and flip-folded without hard creases. The rolled-and-folded form used Space® blankets make them difficult to open, especially in gloves, and makes it easy for them to tear while opening.
  • Recyclable. You can recycle them along with produce and carryout bags at places like grocery store collection points and community recycling centers. Space® blankets are not recyclable.
  • The Survival Blanket is 20% larger and able to fit two people inside, while also featuring survival instructions printed directly on the blanket to help you survive the unexpected night outdoors.

SOL Emergency Blanket showing both sides

Survive Outdoors Longer blankets are color coded so you know which side reflects heat.

Water droplets on SOL Emergency Blanket

Survive Outdoors Longer blankets are waterproof and windproof.

Frequently Asked Questions about Emergency Blankets

Can I reuse my Survive Outdoors Longer blanket?

Durable enough to use more than once.
Yes! We encourage you to be environmentally conscious and save/reuse your blanket. The material is definitely durable enough to use more than once. This versatile blanket can be placed in your car to use if you are stranded in bad/cold weather. You can fold it up and take it in your backpack while hiking or stash it in your coat pocket while skiing.
Two people in Emergency Bivvy XLThe Emergency Bivvy XL has extra space to fit two adults.

Please consider the environment before throwing away your heat reflective blanket.

How do Survive Outdoors Longer blankets keep me warm?

Person wrapped in Emergency Blanket

The emergency blanket creates an envelope of warm around you to prevent life-threatening heat loss.

The reflective insulation layer reflects 90% of your body’s radiant heat to form a warm ‘envelope’ of air. This is achieved by wrapping the blanket around your torso to reduce the risk of hypothermia. Anyone can become hypothermic, even in mild weather conditions. The best way to prevent this is to trap body heat in BEFORE your core temperature begins to drop.

Anyone can become hypothermic.

Can my Survive Outdoors Longer blanket be recycled?

Yes! The blankets are made from metalized low density polyethylene (LDPE) and carry the recycling code Type 4. While Type 4 film plastics are not normally collected at curbside, your community may offer recycling opportunities for number 4 plastics at a central collection point like grocery stores or community recycling centers.