Thanks!  We're excited to share more with you in 2024.

Thanks! We're excited to share more with you in 2024.

Welcome to the Adventure Medical Kits community!  We recently relaunched our website, and have big things in store for 2024.   Stay tuned for educational content about outdoor adventures, first aid...
Man being rescued with SOL All Season Blanket

Treating Hypothermia with the SOL All Season Blanket at the AR World Championships

During the 2017 Adventure Racing World Championships, Team Adventure Medical Kits‘ captain and team medic Kyle Peter helped save a racer’s life using the SOL All Season Blanket. When one team came ...
Sunny Stroeer gear layout for expedition

The Overlooked Adventure Gear You Need in Your Pack – Sunny Stroeer

10,000ft & Getting Dark We are at 10,000 feet in the Austrian Alps, and it is getting dark. This is going to be the first time that I spend the night on the wall during a big rock climb, and it...
Winter camping with campfire

Preparing for Multi-Day Backpacking Trips in Winter

Brian Threlkeld took an 8-day trip around Baxter National Park where he experienced some extreme conditions. During any trip no matter its duration it’s important to be prepared, we asked Brian t...
Person giving CPR to a dummy outside

AHA Hands-Only CPR Guidelines: CPR Guide for Hiking

Imagine your hiking partner collapses on the trail and stops breathing. Do you remember what to do? Trained first responders instantly kick into a complex algorithm of life-saving emergency cardiov...
Pico Cao Grande

Pico Cão Grande Expedition: Packing List Essentials

Adventure Medical Kits’ Adventurer Gareth Leah’s Pico Cão Grande Expedition A dark tower of volcanic rock shrouded in clouds dominates the unearthly landscape. Formed millennia ago when high-p...
Person trail running at high altitude

8 Things I Learned While Trail Running in the Colorado Rockies

By Heather Ganoe This past August I had the incredible pleasure of venturing West to participate in the 10th annual TransRockies Run. A New Englander by birth, and current South Carolina resident b...
Removing Hiker Kit from backpack

Personal Expedition Kits: The Mountain Hiker First Aid Kit

Jenny Hastings shows us her Mountain Series Hiker First Aid Kit, which served as her personal supplement to the larger group kit.
White Mountains

SOL Thermal Bivvy Helped Save Eagle Scout From The Elements, But Not From NH Government

It’s always gratifying whenever we hear that an Adventure Medical Kits’ product has helped someone out of a major jam. Such was the case last April, when we received a call from Mike Mason, who inf...